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63915: Control water fired from the pistol (1)
The address of this routine is placed into 32727 and 32728 by the routine at 63898. In the following, 'water' may refer to either water or sherry.
H 210 (ERIC)
63915 LD B,84 84: water fired from the pistol, phase 1 (facing left)
63917 LD L,0 Point HL at byte 0 of ERIC's buffer
63919 LD A,(HL) A=ERIC's animatory state
63920 INC L L=1
63921 RLCA Is ERIC facing left?
63922 JR NC,63926 Jump if so
63924 LD B,212 212: water fired from the pistol, phase 1 (facing right)
63926 SBC A,A Set A=-2 if ERIC's facing left, 2 if he's facing right
63927 ADD A,A
63928 CPL
63929 ADD A,A
63930 ADD A,(HL) Add ERIC's x-coordinate to get the initial x-coordinate of the water
63931 CP 191 Is ERIC too close to (and facing) the far left wall of the boys' skool or the far right wall of the girls' skool?
63933 RET NC Return if so
63934 LD E,A Copy the water's initial x-coordinate to E
63935 INC L L=2
63936 LD D,(HL) D=ERIC's y-coordinate
63937 DEC D Subtract 2 to get the initial y-coordinate of the water
63938 DEC D
63939 LD A,B A=initial animatory state of the water
63940 PUSH AF Save the water's initial animatory state briefly
63941 PUSH DE Save the water's initial coordinates briefly
63942 CALL 63864 Make a water pistol sound effect
63945 LD A,136 Message 136: NO WATERPISTOLS
63947 CALL 63640 Give ERIC lines if any teacher is nearby
63950 POP DE Restore the water's initial coordinates to DE
63951 POP AF Restore the water's initial animatory state to A
63952 LD HL,54803 Point HL at byte 19 of the water's buffer
63955 LD (HL),151 Initialise the water animation phase identifier
63957 CALL 30534 Place address 63960 (below) into bytes 17 and 18 of the water's buffer and update the SRB for the water's appearance
The address of this entry point is placed into bytes 17 and 18 of the water's buffer by the instruction above just after the water has been fired from the pistol, and is used throughout the water's lifespan. First, check whether the water has hit a cup, a plant, or the floor.
63960 LD L,19 Increment the water animation phase identifier (which starts off at 151) held in byte 19 of the buffer
63962 INC (HL)
63963 LD B,(HL) Pick up this identifier (152-156) in B
63964 LD C,255 Point BC at the appropriate entry in the water animation table (see below)
63966 LD A,(BC) Pick up the entry in A
63967 AND A Deal with the water at phase 3 (when it can hit a cup), 6 (when it can hit a plant) or 7+ (when it hits the floor)
63968 CALL NZ,64077
Next, determine the water's new animatory state and coordinates as it moves through the air. For this we use the water animation table, which comprises five 4-byte entries located in bytes 252-255 of pages 152-156, corresponding to the phases of animation of the water as it flies from the pistol to the ground. Each entry contains the animatory state (AS), the x-coordinate increment (x+), the y-coordinate increment (y+), and a parameter (P) that is passed to the routine at 64077 when non-zero. When P=1, the water is at the right phase to fill a cup; when P=2, the water may have hit a plant or the ground.
Address Phase AS x+ y+ P
39164 2 92 -2 -1 0
39420 3 108 -2 0 1
39676 4 116 -1 0 0
39932 5 124 0 1 0
40188 6+ 124 0 1 2
63971 DEC C C=254
63972 PUSH BC Save the water animation table pointer
63973 CALL 25012 Update the SRB for the water's current animatory state and location
63976 LD A,D A=water's current y-coordinate
63977 POP HL Restore the water animation table pointer to HL
63978 ADD A,(HL) Add the entry from the table to obtain the water's new y-coordinate
63979 LD D,A Copy this to D
63980 DEC L L=253
63981 LD C,(HL) Pick up the x-coordinate increment in C
63982 DEC L L=252
63983 LD A,(HL) A=water's new animatory state (facing left)
63984 LD HL,54784 Point HL at byte 0 of the water's buffer
63987 RL (HL) Set the carry flag if the water's travelling to the right
63989 RLA Copy the carry flag into the 'direction' bit (bit 7) of the animatory state
63990 RRCA
63991 LD B,A B=water's new animatory state (facing the correct way)
63992 LD A,E A=water's current x-coordinate
63993 JP 64057 Jump over the data table at 64000 to continue this routine
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