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63561: Scroll the display file right one column
Used by the routine at 25080.
63561 LD BC,47149 C=45 (DEC L), B=184 (LDDR after 237)
63564 LD DE,16415 Initialise DE to the appropriate display file address
This entry point is used by the routine at 63553 with C=44 (INC L), B=176 (LDIR after 237), and DE=16384.
63567 LD HL,63522 Set the instruction at 63522 to INC L or DEC L, and the instruction at 63526 to LDIR or LDDR
63570 LD (HL),C
63571 LD L,39
63573 LD (HL),B
63574 JR 63512 Scroll the display file one column left or right
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