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F849: Scroll the display file right one column
Used by the routine at 61F8.
F849 LD BC,$B82D C=0x2D (DEC L), B=0xB8 (LDDR after 0xED)
F84C LD DE,$401F Initialise DE to the appropriate display file address
This entry point is used by the routine at F841 with C=0x2C (INC L), B=0xB0 (LDIR after 0xED), and DE=4000.
F84F LD HL,$F822 Set the instruction at F822 to INC L or DEC L, and the instruction at F826 to LDIR or LDDR
F852 LD (HL),C
F853 LD L,$27
F855 LD (HL),B
F856 JR $F818 Scroll the display file one column left or right
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