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25080: Scroll the screen right 8 columns
Used by the routine at 28160.
25080 LD B,8 8 columns will be scrolled on
25082 PUSH BC Save the column counter
25083 LD HL,23198 First shift the attributes one place to the right
25086 LD DE,23199
25089 LD BC,671
25092 LDDR
25094 CALL 63561 Scroll the display file one character square to the right
25097 DEC A Adjust the leftmost column of the play area now on screen (held at 32767)
25098 LD (32767),A
25101 LD HL,5120 H=20 (bottom row of the screen), L=0 (column at the far left)
25104 PUSH HL
25105 CALL 24684 Print the play area character square at row H, column L=0
25108 POP HL
25109 DEC H Next row up
25110 JP P,25104 Jump back until all 21 squares in the column have been printed
25113 POP BC Restore the column counter to B
25114 DJNZ 25082 Jump back until 8 columns have been scrolled on
The screen has been scrolled right 8 columns. Check whether any of the minor characters may be teleported without us noticing.
25116 LD A,(32767) A=leftmost column of the play area now on screen
25119 LD B,4 4 little girls, starting with 186=little girl no. 4
25121 LD H,186
25123 CP 112 Was the skool gate in the middle of the screen before scrolling?
25125 JR Z,25134 Jump if so (to consider teleporting little girls 4-7)
25127 CP 72 Was the boys' skool door in the middle of the screen before scrolling?
25129 RET NZ Return if not
25130 LD H,183 183=little girl no. 1
The next section of code moves certain off-screen minor characters straight to their destination. Sneaky! This entry point is used by the routine at 25026 with H=190 (little boy no. 1).
25132 LD B,3
This entry point is used by the routines at 25026 (with H=193, B=5) and 63309.
25134 LD L,29 Bit 3 of byte 29 is set if the character should be moved immediately to the next destination in his command list
25136 BIT 3,(HL)
25138 JR Z,25182 Jump if this character should not be 'teleported'
25140 RES 3,(HL) Reset bit 3 now, so that this character is not considered for teleportation again during this lesson
25142 DEC L L=28
25143 LD D,(HL) Collect the address reached in the command list into DE
25144 DEC L
25145 LD E,(HL)
25146 LD A,(DE) A=LSB of this address
25147 SUB 100 Is this the address of the routine at 25700?
25149 JR NZ,25182 Jump if not
25151 DEC L L=26
25152 INC DE Point DE at the location coordinates (the parameters of 25700 in the command list)
25153 INC DE
25154 LD (HL),D Store this address in bytes 25 and 26 of the character's buffer
25155 DEC L
25156 LD (HL),E
25157 DEC L L=24
25158 LD (HL),A Fill bytes 1-24 of the character's buffer with zeroes
25159 DEC L
25160 JR NZ,25158
25162 LD A,(HL) Set the character's animatory state to its base value (cancelling any midstride or knockout)
25163 AND 248
25165 LD (HL),A
25166 INC L L=1
25167 CALL 25188 Bring the location coordinates from the command list into bytes 1 and 2 of the buffer, effecting the teleportation
25170 LD E,(HL) Collect the character's new coordinates into DE
25171 INC L
25172 LD D,(HL)
25173 LD L,5 Copy these coordinates into bytes 5 and 6 of the buffer, which normally hold the character's destination; this is to let the routine at 25700 know it has nothing left to do
25175 LD (HL),E
25176 INC L
25177 LD (HL),D
25178 LD L,29 Reset bit 0 of byte 29, cancelling any pending request to restart the command list
25180 RES 0,(HL)
25182 INC H Next character
25183 DJNZ 25134 Jump back until all characters have been done
25185 RET
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