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25026: Scroll the screen left 8 columns
Used by the routines at 28160 and 62910.
25026 LD B,8 8 columns will be scrolled on
25028 PUSH BC Save the column counter
25029 LD HL,22529 First shift the attributes one place to the left
25032 LD DE,22528
25035 LD BC,671
25038 LDIR
25040 CALL 63553 Scroll the display file one character square to the left
25043 INC A Adjust the leftmost column of the play area now on screen (held at 32767)
25044 LD (32767),A
25047 LD HL,5151 H=20 (bottom row of the screen), L=31 (column at the far right)
25050 PUSH HL
25051 CALL 24684 Print the play area character square at row H, column L=31
25054 POP HL
25055 DEC H Next row up
25056 JP P,25050 Jump back until all 21 squares in the column have been printed
25059 POP BC Restore the column counter to B
25060 DJNZ 25028 Jump back until 8 columns have been scrolled on
The screen has been scrolled left 8 columns. Check whether any of the minor characters may be teleported without us noticing.
25062 LD A,(32767) A=leftmost column of the play area on screen
25065 LD B,5 5 little boys, starting with 193=little boy no. 4
25067 LD H,193
25069 CP 120 Is the skool gate in the middle of the screen?
25071 JR Z,25134 Jump if so (to consider teleporting little boys 4-8)
25073 CP 80 Is the boys' skool door in the middle of the screen?
25075 RET NZ Return if not
25076 LD H,190 190=little boy no. 1
25078 JR 25132 Consider teleporting little boys 1-3
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