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61C2: Scroll the screen left 8 columns
Used by the routines at 6E00 and F5BE.
61C2 LD B,$08 8 columns will be scrolled on
61C4 PUSH BC Save the column counter
61C5 LD HL,$5801 First shift the attributes one place to the left
61C8 LD DE,$5800
61CB LD BC,$029F
61D0 CALL $F841 Scroll the display file one character square to the left
61D3 INC A Adjust the leftmost column of the play area now on screen (held at 7FFF)
61D4 LD ($7FFF),A
61D7 LD HL,$141F H=20 (bottom row of the screen), L=31 (column at the far right)
61DB CALL $606C Print the play area character square at row H, column L=31
61DF DEC H Next row up
61E0 JP P,$61DA Jump back until all 21 squares in the column have been printed
61E3 POP BC Restore the column counter to B
61E4 DJNZ $61C4 Jump back until 8 columns have been scrolled on
The screen has been scrolled left 8 columns. Check whether any of the minor characters may be teleported without us noticing.
61E6 LD A,($7FFF) A=leftmost column of the play area on screen
61E9 LD B,$05 5 little boys, starting with 0xC1=little boy no. 4
61EB LD H,$C1
61ED CP $78 Is the skool gate in the middle of the screen?
61EF JR Z,$622E Jump if so (to consider teleporting little boys 4-8)
61F1 CP $50 Is the boys' skool door in the middle of the screen?
61F3 RET NZ Return if not
61F4 LD H,$BE 0xBE=little boy no. 1
61F6 JR $622C Consider teleporting little boys 1-3
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