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30786: Knock down a main kid hit by a pellet
Used by the routine at 30380. Knocks down a main kid that was hit by a catapult pellet. Also adds 30 to the score if the pellet was ERIC's and the victim was ANGELFACE.
D Kid's character number (206-210)
H Pellet's character number (213 or 214)
30786 LD A,H A=pellet's character number
30787 CP 214 Is this ERIC's catapult pellet?
30789 JR NZ,30801 Jump if not (it's BOY WANDER's)
30791 LD A,D A=character number of the kid hit by the pellet
30792 CP 208 Did the pellet hit ANGELFACE?
30794 JR NZ,30801 Jump if not
30796 LD A,3 ERIC's pellet hit ANGELFACE; add 30 to the score and print it
30798 CALL 29621
30801 JP 29982 Terminate the pellet and knock the kid over
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