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23843: Deal with ERIC's flight from the saddle of the bike
Used by the routine at 63405 when bit 6 at 32749 is set on its own by the routine at 29194 because ERIC has hit a wall, a closed door, or the closed skool gate while standing on the saddle of the bike.
23843 LD A,(53761) A=ERIC's x-coordinate
23846 SUB 128 Did ERIC hit the closed skool gate?
23848 CP 16
23850 SBC A,A A=255 if so, 0 otherwise
23851 ADD A,254 L=253 if ERIC hit the skool gate, 254 otherwise
23853 LD L,A
This entry point is used by the routine at 23859 with L=255.
23854 LD H,159 Now HL points at the appropriate descent table
23856 JP 64501 Begin the descent
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