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6AFB: Add to the score and print it
Used by the routines at 6D1C, 6DEF and F4A4.
6AFB LD A,$01 This will add 10 to the score
This entry point is used by the routines at 6DEF and F4A4 with A holding the amount (divided by 10) to add to the score.
6AFD LD HL,($7FC4) Pick up the current score in HL
6B00 ADD A,L Set HL equal to the new score
6B01 LD L,A
6B02 ADC A,H
6B03 SUB L
6B04 LD H,A
6B05 LD ($7FC4),HL Store the new score
6B08 LD DE,$51BC Set DE to the display file address at which to print the score
6B0B JP $76C8 Print the new score
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