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The address of this routine is found in the parameter table.
The line number and the statement number that are to be made the object of a 'return' are fetched from the GO SUB stack.
RETURN 1F23 POP BC Fetch the address - STMT_RET.
1F24 POP HL Fetch the 'error address'.
1F25 POP DE Fetch the last entry on the GO SUB stack.
1F26 LD A,D The entry is tested to see if it is the GO SUB stack end marker.
1F27 CP $3E
1F29 JR Z,REPORT_7 Jump if it is.
1F2B DEC SP The full entry uses three locations only.
1F2C EX (SP),HL Exchange the statement number with the 'error address'.
1F2D EX DE,HL Move the statement number.
1F2E LD ($5C3D),SP Reset the error pointer (ERR-SP).
1F32 PUSH BC Replace the address STMT_RET.
1F33 JP GO_TO_2 Jump back to change NEWPPC and NSPPC.
Report 7 - RETURN without GOSUB.
REPORT_7 1F36 PUSH DE Replace the end marker and the 'error address'.
1F38 RST $08 Call the error handling routine.
1F39 DEFB $06
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