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The address of this routine is found in the parameter table.
The present value of PPC and the incremented value of SUBPPC are stored on the GO SUB stack.
GO_SUB 07917 POP DE Save the address - STMT_RET.
07918 LD H,(IY+13) Fetch the statement number (SUBPPC) and increment it.
07921 INC H
07922 EX (SP),HL Exchange the 'error address' with the statement number.
07923 INC SP Reclaim the use of a location.
07924 LD BC,(23621) Next save the present line number (PPC).
07928 PUSH BC
07929 PUSH HL Return the 'error address' to the machine stack and reset ERR-SP to point to it.
07930 LD (23613),SP
07934 PUSH DE Return the address STMT_RET.
07935 CALL GO_TO Now set NEWPPC and NSPPC to the required values.
07938 LD BC,20 But before making the jump make a test for room.
This routine continues into TEST_ROOM.
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