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Used by the routines at RUN and GO_SUB.
The address of this routine is found in the parameter table.
The operand of a GO TO ought to be a line number in the range 1-9999 but the actual test is against an upper value of 61439.
GO_TO 07783 CALL FIND_INT2 Fetch the operand and transfer it to the HL register pair.
07786 LD H,B
07787 LD L,C
07788 LD D,0 Set the statement number to zero.
07790 LD A,H Give the error message 'Integer out of range' with line numbers over 61439.
07791 CP 240
07793 JR NC,REPORT_B_2
This entry point is used by the routines at NEXT, CONTINUE and RETURN to determine the line number of the next line to be handled.
GO_TO_2 07795 LD (23618),HL Enter the line number (NEWPPC) and then the statement number (NSPPC).
07798 LD (IY+10),D
07801 RET Return - to STMT_RET.
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