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The address of this routine is found in the parameter table.
During syntax checking a DATA statement is checked to ensure that it contains a series of valid expressions, separated by commas. But in 'run-time' the statement is passed by.
DATA 07719 CALL SYNTAX_Z Jump forward unless checking syntax.
07722 JR NZ,DATA_2
A loop is now entered to deal with each expression in the DATA statement.
DATA_1 07724 CALL SCANNING Scan the next expression.
07727 CP "," Check for a comma separator.
07729 CALL NZ,CHECK_END Move on to the next statement if not matched.
07732 RST 32 Whilst there are still expressions to be checked go around the loop.
07733 JR DATA_1
The DATA statement has to be passed by in 'run-time'.
DATA_2 07735 LD A,228 It is a 'DATA' statement that is to be passed by.
This routine continues into PASS_BY.
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