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Used by the routines at SA_CONTRL, PO_SCR, EDITOR and ED_IGNORE.
This subroutine is the controlling subroutine for calling the current input subroutine.
WAIT_KEY 05588 BIT 5,(IY+2) Jump forward if the flag (bit 5 of TV-FLAG) indicates the lower screen does not require clearing.
05594 SET 3,(IY+2) Otherwise signal 'consider the mode as having changed' (set bit 3 of TV-FLAG).
WAIT_KEY1 05598 CALL INPUT_AD Call the input subroutine indirectly via INPUT_AD.
05601 RET C Return with acceptable codes.
05602 JR Z,WAIT_KEY1 Both the carry flag and the zero flag are reset if 'no key is being pressed'; otherwise signal an error.
Report 8 - End of file.
05604 RST 8 Call the error handling routine.
05605 DEFB 7
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