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Used by the routines at PO_ENTER, PO_ANY and MAIN_EXEC.
This subroutine is called whenever the printer buffer is to have its contents passed to the printer.
COPY_BUFF 03789 DI Disable the maskable interrupt.
03790 LD HL,23296 The base address of the printer buffer.
03793 LD B,8 There are eight pixel lines.
COPY_3 03795 PUSH BC Save the line number.
03796 CALL COPY_LINE Print the line.
03799 POP BC Fetch the line number.
03800 DJNZ COPY_3 Jump back until 8 lines have been printed.
This entry point is used by the routine at COPY.
COPY_END 03802 LD A,4 Stop the printer motor.
03804 OUT (251),A
03806 EI Enable the maskable interrupt and continue into CLEAR_PRB.
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