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Used by the routine at SAVE_ETC.
There are three main parts to this routine.
  • Load the data block into the work space.
  • Merge the lines of the new program into the old program.
  • Merge the new variables into the old variables.
Start therefore with the loading of the data block.
IX Address of the header loaded from tape
ME_CONTRL 02230 LD C,(IX+11) Fetch the 'length' of the data block.
02233 LD B,(IX+12)
02236 PUSH BC Save a copy of the 'length'.
02237 INC BC Now make 'length+1' locations available in the work space.
02238 RST 48
02239 LD (HL),128 Place an end marker in the extra location.
02241 EX DE,HL Move the 'start' pointer to the HL register pair.
02242 POP DE Fetch the original 'length'.
02243 PUSH HL Save a copy of the 'start'.
02244 PUSH HL Now set the IX register pair for the actual load.
02245 POP IX
02247 SCF Signal 'LOAD'.
02248 LD A,255 Signal 'data block only'.
02250 CALL LD_BLOCK Load the data block.
The lines of the new program are merged with the lines of the old program.
02253 POP HL Fetch the 'start' of the new program.
02254 LD DE,(23635) Initialise DE to the 'start' of the old program (PROG).
Enter a loop to deal with the lines of the new program.
ME_NEW_LP 02258 LD A,(HL) Fetch a line number and test it.
02259 AND 192
02261 JR NZ,ME_VAR_LP Jump when finished with all the lines.
Now enter an inner loop to deal with the lines of the old program.
ME_OLD_LP 02263 LD A,(DE) Fetch the high line number byte and compare it. Jump forward if it does not match but in any case advance both pointers.
02264 INC DE
02265 CP (HL)
02266 INC HL
02267 JR NZ,ME_OLD_L1
02269 LD A,(DE) Repeat the comparison for the low line number bytes.
02270 CP (HL)
ME_OLD_L1 02271 DEC DE Now retreat the pointers.
02272 DEC HL
02273 JR NC,ME_NEW_L2 Jump forward if the correct place has been found for a line of the new program.
02275 PUSH HL Otherwise find the address of the start of the next old line.
02276 EX DE,HL
02280 POP HL
02281 JR ME_OLD_LP Go round the loop for each of the 'old lines'.
ME_NEW_L2 02283 CALL ME_ENTER Enter the 'new line' and go round the outer loop again.
02286 JR ME_NEW_LP
In a similar manner the variables of the new program are merged with the variables of the old program.
ME_VAR_LP 02288 LD A,(HL) Fetch each variable name in turn and test it.
02289 LD C,A
02290 CP 128 Return when all the variables have been considered.
02292 RET Z
02293 PUSH HL Save the current new pointer.
02294 LD HL,(23627) Fetch VARS (for the old program).
Now enter an inner loop to search the existing variables area.
ME_OLD_VP 02297 LD A,(HL) Fetch each variable name and test it.
02298 CP 128
02300 JR Z,ME_VAR_L2 Jump forward once the end marker is found. (Make an 'addition'.)
02302 CP C Compare the names (first bytes).
02303 JR Z,ME_OLD_V2 Jump forward to consider it further, returning here if it proves not to match fully.
ME_OLD_V1 02305 PUSH BC Save the new variable's name whilst the next 'old variable' is located.
02309 POP BC
02310 EX DE,HL Restore the pointer to the DE register pair and go round the loop again.
02311 JR ME_OLD_VP
The old and new variables match with respect to their first bytes but variables with long names will need to be matched fully.
ME_OLD_V2 02313 AND 224 Consider bits 7, 6 and 5 only.
02315 CP 160 Accept all the variable types except 'long named variables'.
02317 JR NZ,ME_VAR_L1
02319 POP DE Make DE point to the first character of the 'new name'.
02320 PUSH DE
02321 PUSH HL Save the pointer to the 'old name'.
Enter a loop to compare the letters of the long names.
ME_OLD_V3 02322 INC HL Update both the 'old' and the 'new' pointers.
02323 INC DE
02324 LD A,(DE) Compare the two letters.
02325 CP (HL)
02326 JR NZ,ME_OLD_V4 Jump forward if the match fails.
02328 RLA Go round the loop until the 'last character' is found.
02329 JR NC,ME_OLD_V3
02331 POP HL Fetch the pointer to the start of the 'old' name and jump forward - successful.
02332 JR ME_VAR_L1
ME_OLD_V4 02334 POP HL Fetch the pointer and jump back - unsuccessful.
02335 JR ME_OLD_V1
Come here if the match was found.
ME_VAR_L1 02337 LD A,255 Signal 'replace' variable.
And here if not. (A holds 128 - variable to be 'added'.)
ME_VAR_L2 02339 POP DE Fetch pointer to 'new' name.
02340 EX DE,HL Switch over the registers.
02341 INC A The zero flag is to be set if there is to be a 'replacement', reset for an 'addition'.
02342 SCF Signal 'handling variables'.
02343 CALL ME_ENTER Now make the entry.
02346 JR ME_VAR_LP Go round the loop to consider the next new variable.
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