Gentle guardians
To enable Willy to walk through guardians with impunity:
POKE 36860,0: POKE 36872,0
Nice nasties
To enable Willy to survive contact with nasties:
POKE 37488,201
Harmless heights
To enable Willy to survive a fall from any height:
POKE 35809,255
Infinite time
To make the game continue without loss of life after all the air has run out of the cavern:
POKE 34798,1
No conveyors
To enable Willy to walk freely in any direction on conveyors:
POKE 35834,0
Cheat mode cheat
To activate the 6031769 cheat mode immediately (without having to type 6031769):
POKE 33885,7
For a list of all the caverns and their teleport codes, see the Caverns page.
More points per item
To give Willy more than 100 points for collecting an item:
POKE 36739,43 - 1,000 points
POKE 36739,42 - 10,000 points
POKE 36739,41 - 100,000 points
Note that giving Willy 10,000 points or more per item means he won't be able to gain extra lives (normally granted every 10,000 points) by collecting items: Willy gains an extra life only when the thousands digit rolls over from 9 to 0 (see 90EA).
One item only
To enable Willy to open the portal by collecting only one item (regardless of how many are in the cavern):
POKE 36749,49
Always open
To enable Willy to walk through the portal to the next cavern without collecting all the items first:
POKE 36826,0
No Skylabs
To remove the Skylabs from Skylab Landing Bay:
POKE 36478,195
Likeable light beam
To prevent the light beam in Solar Power Generator from decreasing the air supply:
POKE 36230,24
More lives
To start the game with N lives remaining (0<=N<=255; normally N=2):
POKE 34269,N
Note that the routine at 870E tries to draw all remaining lives at the bottom of the screen, which means that for large N, there is screen corruption and the game slows down considerably; to avoid this, disable the drawing of more than one remaining life:
POKE 34607,0
Infinite lives
To give Willy infinite lives:
POKE 35136,0