No. Address Name Teleport
0x00 B000 Central Cavern 6
0x01 B400 The Cold Room 16
0x02 B800 The Menagerie 26
0x03 BC00 Abandoned Uranium Workings 126
0x04 C000 Eugene's Lair 36
0x05 C400 Processing Plant 136
0x06 C800 The Vat 236
0x07 CC00 Miner Willy meets the Kong Beast 1236
0x08 D000 Wacky Amoebatrons 46
0x09 D400 The Endorian Forest 146
0x0A D800 Attack of the Mutant Telephones 246
0x0B DC00 Return of the Alien Kong Beast 1246
0x0C E000 Ore Refinery 346
0x0D E400 Skylab Landing Bay 1346
0x0E E800 The Bank 2346
0x0F EC00 The Sixteenth Cavern 12346
0x10 F000 The Warehouse 56
0x11 F400 Amoebatrons' Revenge 156
0x12 F800 Solar Power Generator 256
0x13 FC00 The Final Barrier 1256