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92BA: Print a message
Used by the routines at 85CC, 8684, 870E, 8944 and 9028.
IX Address of the message
C Length of the message
DE Display file address
92BA LD A,(IX+$00) Collect a character from the message
92BD CALL $92CB Print it
92C0 INC IX Point IX at the next character in the message
92C2 INC E Point DE at the next character cell (subtracting 8 from D compensates for the operations performed by the routine at 92CB)
92C3 LD A,D
92C4 SUB $08
92C6 LD D,A
92C7 DEC C Have we printed the entire message yet?
92C8 JR NZ,$92BA If not, jump back to print the next character
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