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37579: Print a single character
Used by the routine at 37562.
A ASCII code of the character
DE Display file address
37579 LD H,7 Point HL at the bitmap for the character (in the ROM)
37581 LD L,A
37582 SET 7,L
37584 ADD HL,HL
37585 ADD HL,HL
37586 ADD HL,HL
37587 LD B,8 There are eight pixel rows in a character bitmap
This entry point is used by the routine at 36707 to draw an item in the current cavern.
37589 LD A,(HL) Copy the character bitmap to the screen (or item graphic to the screen buffer)
37590 LD (DE),A
37591 INC HL
37592 INC D
37593 DJNZ 37589
37595 RET
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