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34436: Start the game (or demo mode)
Used by the routine at 34252.
34436 LD HL,33829 Initialise the score at 33829
34439 LD DE,33830
34442 LD BC,9
34445 LD (HL),48
34447 LDIR
This entry point is used by the routines at 34574 (when teleporting into a cavern or reinitialising the current cavern after Willy has lost a life) and 36904.
34449 LD A,(33799) Pick up the number of the current cavern from 33799
34452 SLA A Point HL at the first byte of the cavern definition
34454 SLA A
34456 ADD A,176
34458 LD H,A
34459 LD L,0
34461 LD DE,24064 Copy the cavern's attribute bytes into the buffer at 24064
34464 LD BC,512
34467 LDIR
34469 LD DE,32768 Copy the rest of the cavern definition into the game status buffer at 32768
34472 LD BC,512
34475 LDIR
34477 CALL 35445 Draw the current cavern to the screen buffer at 28672
34480 LD HL,20480 Clear the bottom third of the display file
34483 LD DE,20481
34486 LD BC,2047
34489 LD (HL),0
34491 LDIR
34493 LD IX,32768 Print the cavern name (see 32768) at (16,0)
34497 LD C,32
34499 LD DE,20480
34502 CALL 37562
34505 LD IX,33816 Print 'AIR' (see 33816) at (17,0)
34509 LD C,3
34511 LD DE,20512
34514 CALL 37562
34517 LD A,82 Initialise A to 82; this is the MSB of the display file address at which to start drawing the bar that represents the air supply
34519 LD H,A Prepare HL and DE for drawing a row of pixels in the air bar
34520 LD D,A
34521 LD L,36
34523 LD E,37
34525 LD B,A Save the display file address MSB in B briefly
34526 LD A,(32956) Pick up the value of the initial air supply from 32956
34529 SUB 36 Now C determines the length of the air bar (in cell widths)
34531 LD C,A
34532 LD A,B Restore the display file address MSB to A
34533 LD B,0 Now BC determines the length of the air bar (in cell widths)
34535 LD (HL),255 Draw a single row of pixels across C cells
34537 LDIR
34539 INC A Increment the display file address MSB in A (moving down to the next row of pixels)
34540 CP 86 Have we drawn all four rows of pixels in the air bar yet?
34542 JR NZ,34519 If not, jump back to draw the next one
34544 LD IX,33839 Print 'High Score 000000   Score 000000' (see 33839) at (19,0)
34548 LD DE,20576
34551 LD C,32
34553 CALL 37562
34556 LD A,(32883) Pick up the border colour for the current cavern from 32883
34559 LD C,254 Set the border colour
34561 OUT (C),A
34563 LD A,(33882) Pick up the game mode indicator from 33882
34566 OR A Are we in demo mode?
34567 JR Z,34574 If not, enter the main loop now
34569 LD A,64 Reset the game mode indicator at 33882 to 64 (we're in demo mode)
34571 LD (33882),A
This routine continues into the main loop at 34574.
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