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80F0: Entity specifications
Initialised upon entry to a room and then used by the routine at 8912.
There are eight pairs of bytes here that hold the entity specifications for the current room. The first byte in each pair identifies one of the entity definitions at A000. The meaning of the second byte depends on the entity type: it determines the base sprite index and x-coordinate of a guardian, the y-coordinate of an arrow, or the x-coordinate of the top of a rope.
80F0 DEFS $02 Entity 1
80F2 DEFS $02 Entity 2
80F4 DEFS $02 Entity 3
80F6 DEFS $02 Entity 4
80F8 DEFS $02 Entity 5
80FA DEFS $02 Entity 6
80FC DEFS $02 Entity 7
80FE DEFS $02 Entity 8
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