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38622: Play an intro message sound effect
Used by the routine at 34762.
A Value between 50 and 81
38622 LD E,A Save the value of A in E for later retrieval
38623 LD C,254 We will output to port 254
38625 LD D,A Copy A into D; bits 0-2 of D determine the initial border colour
38626 RES 4,D Reset bit 4 of D (initial speaker state)
38628 RES 3,D Reset bit 3 of D (initial MIC state)
38630 LD B,E Initialise B (delay counter for the inner loop)
38631 CP B Is it time to flip the MIC and speaker and make the border black?
38632 JR NZ,38636 Jump if not
38634 LD D,24 Set bits 3 (MIC) and 4 (speaker) of D, and reset bits 0-2 (black border)
38636 OUT (C),D Set the MIC state, speaker state and border colour
38638 DJNZ 38631 Jump back until the inner loop is finished
38640 DEC A Is the outer loop finished too?
38641 JR NZ,38625 Jump back if not
38643 RET
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