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35211: Draw the remaining lives
Used by the routine at 35245.
35211 LD A,(34252) Pick up the number of lives remaining from 34252
35214 LD HL,20640 Set HL to the display file address at which to draw the first Willy sprite
35217 OR A Are there any lives remaining?
35218 RET Z Return if not
35219 LD B,A Initialise B to the number of lives remaining
The sprite-drawing loop begins.
35220 LD C,0 C=0; this tells the sprite-drawing routine at 37974 to overwrite any existing graphics
35222 PUSH HL Save HL and BC briefly
35223 PUSH BC
35224 LD A,(34273) Pick up the in-game music note index from 34273; this will determine the animation frame for the Willy sprites
35227 RLCA Now A=0 (frame 0), 32 (frame 1), 64 (frame 2) or 96 (frame 3)
35228 RLCA
35229 RLCA
35230 AND 96
35232 LD E,A Point DE at the corresponding Willy sprite (at 40192+A)
35233 LD D,157
35235 CALL 37974 Draw the Willy sprite on the screen
35238 POP BC Restore HL and BC
35239 POP HL
35240 INC HL Move HL along to the location at which to draw the next Willy sprite
35241 INC HL
35242 DJNZ 35220 Jump back to draw any remaining sprites
35244 RET
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