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F6DE: Restart the command list
Used by the routines at 615D, 7A82, F359 and F686, and by the command lists at FCFC, FD96, FDA0, FDB4, FDC4, FDD0, FDDF, FDEA, FDF8, FE06, FE0A, FE14, FE23, FE34, FE49, FE58, FE77 and FEA0.
H Character number (0xD7-0xE5)
F6DE LD L,$16 Byte 0x16 of the character's buffer holds the offset of the point reached in the command list (relative to the start)
F6E0 LD (HL),$00 Set this offset to 0, thus restarting the command list
F6E2 JP $F280 Remove any existing primary command routine address from the character's buffer
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