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EBAE: Make a character move right
Used by the routines at ECDC, F5CE, F600 and F6E9. Turns the character round if he's facing left; otherwise moves him right, or up and to the right, or down and to the right (in that order of preference).
H Character number (0xD7-0xE6)
EBAE CALL $EB85 Make the character stand up if he's lying down
EBB1 RET C Return if the character was lying down
EBB2 BIT 7,(HL) Is the character facing left?
EBB4 JR Z,$EBC6 Make him turn round if so
EBB6 LD DE,$A119 Point DE at the direction indicator table at A119
EBB9 JR $EBD0 Move the character and update the SRB accordingly
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