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7FAA: Door knock status flags
Used by the routines at F2A8, F748 and F7CD. The bits in each byte here are used as follows:
Bit(s) Meaning if set
7 Somebody has just knocked on the door
6 Somebody is going to answer the door
0-5 Unused
7FAA DEFB $00 Shop at the far left of town (unused)
7FAB DEFB $00 Right-hand shop under the apartments next to no. 74 (unused)
7FAC DEFB $00 No. 74
7FAD DEFB $00 No. 31
7FAE DEFB $00 No. 27
7FAF DEFB $00 No. 19
7FB0 DEFB $00 Shop under no. 17 (unused)
7FB1 DEFB $00 No. 17
7FB2 DEFB $00 Shop under no. 15 (unused)
7FB3 DEFB $00 No. 15
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