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7AE2: Prepare the phone messages, events and objects for a new game
Used by the routine at F8AE.
7AE2 LD HL,$6B98 The phone initialisation data is at 6B98 and 6BA5
7AE5 LD DE,$6B4B The phone message entries begin at 6B4B
7AE8 LD BC,$19FF B=0x19, C=0xFF
7AEB LDI Initialise the first byte of a phone message entry
7AED INC E Point DE at the first byte of the next entry
7AEF DJNZ $7AEB Jump back until all the entries have been initialised
7AF1 JP $7541 Initialise the event table at 5FE0 and the object location table at 7D1C
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