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71DD: Make a gangster or policeman pick Sam up
Used by the routines at 61F9, 7A82 and 7B9A.
H Character number (0xD7-0xE5)
71DD XOR A 7F9A holds the ID of the telephone that Sam is calling; set this to 0, effectively making Sam hang up
71DE LD ($7F9A),A
71E1 LD L,$00 Point HL at byte 0x00 of the character's buffer
71E3 LD A,(HL) A=character's animatory state
71E4 AND $70 Discard bits 0-3 and 7
71E6 SUB $10 0x10: Is this character a policeman?
71E8 JR NZ,$71ED Jump if not
71EA LD ($7FEB),A Clear all flags at 7FEB (Sam is no longer wanted by the police, because he's just been arrested)
71ED LD A,$01 Set bit 0 of Sam's status flags at 7FFC, indicating that he's being carried
71EF LD ($7FFC),A
71F2 BIT 0,(HL) Is the character midstride?
71F4 CALL NZ,$EC5A If so, move the character from the midstride position and update the SRB
71F7 CALL $E9C8 Update the SRB for the character's current animatory state and location
71FA ADD A,$08 A=animatory state of the character while carrying Sam
71FC CALL $E9D5 Update the character's animatory state and location and update the SRB
71FF LD L,$09 Remove the address of the primary command routine from bytes 0x08 and 0x09 of the character's buffer, thus moving to the next command in the command list
7201 LD (HL),$00
7203 LD HL,$0001 Set Sam's main action timer (in byte 0x08 of his buffer) to 1, and his midstride/mid-action timer (in byte 0x09) to 0
7206 LD ($E608),HL
7209 RET
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