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63981: Initialise an uninterruptible subcommand if possible
Used by the routines at 64162 and 64338. Places the address of an uninterruptible subcommand routine into bytes 18 and 19 of a character's buffer if there's not one there already, and returns with the zero flag set in that case.
A Character number (215-229)
BC Uninterruptible subcommand routine address
63981 PUSH HL
63982 LD H,A Point HL at byte 19 of the character's buffer
63983 LD L,19
63985 LD A,(HL) Is there already an uninterruptible subcommand routine address MSB there?
63986 AND A
63987 JR NZ,63992 Jump if so
63989 LD (HL),B Otherwise copy the routine address from BC into bytes 18 and 19 of the character's buffer, thus setting his uninterruptible subcommand
63990 DEC HL
63991 LD (HL),C
63992 POP HL
63993 RET
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