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63954: Knock a character over
Used by the routines at 64005 and 64227. Knocks the character to the ground and updates the SRB accordingly.
H Character number (215-230)
63954 CALL 59848 Update the SRB for the character's current animatory state and location
63957 BIT 7,A Is the character facing left?
63959 JR Z,63963 Jump if so
63961 DEC E Subtract 2 from the character's x-coordinate if he's facing right
63962 DEC E
63963 INC D Add 2 to the character's y-coordinate
63964 INC D
63965 PUSH DE Save the character's new coordinates
63966 AND 248 A=character's base animatory state
63968 PUSH HL Save the character number briefly
63969 PUSH AF Save the character's base animatory state briefly
63970 CALL 63784 Prepare the sprite tiles used by the character when lying down
63973 POP AF Restore the character's base animatory state to A
63974 POP HL Restore the character number to H
63975 ADD A,7 A=animatory state of the character lying down
63977 POP DE Restore the character's new coordinates to DE
63978 JP 59861 Update the character's animatory state and location and update the SRB
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