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62099: Check whether the door that a character is standing next to is closed
Used by the routines at 30396, 62120, 62216, 62297 and 62339. Returns with the zero flag set if the door is closed, and with HL pointing at the door status flags.
H Character number (215-230)
62099 LD L,1 Point HL at byte 1 of the character's buffer
62101 LD A,(HL) A=character's x-coordinate
62102 LD HL,65461 Find the first entry in the door location table at 65462 that is greater than the character's x-coordinate
62105 INC L
62106 CP (HL)
62107 JR NC,62105
62109 LD A,L A=LSB of the entry (182-191)
62110 ADD A,58 Point HL at one of the 10 door status flag bytes at at 32752
62112 LD L,A
62113 LD H,127
62115 LD A,(HL) Pick up the door status flags
62116 AND 7 Set the zero flag if the door is closed
62118 RET
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