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61630: End a cutscene
Used by the routine at 30989. Ends the cutscene by entering demo mode or resuming the game in the next mode.
61630 CALL 60121 Check the keyboard (to flush any recent keypress)
61633 LD HL,(32670) 32670 holds the number of bucks Sam has left
61636 LD A,H Has Sam's cash supply run out?
61637 OR L
61638 JR Z,61651 Jump if so
61640 LD HL,32607 Set every bit of the screen refresh buffer so that the entire display will be updated
61643 LD (HL),255
61645 DEC L
61646 JR NZ,61643
61648 JP 60032 Update the display
Sam is out of money, so it must be the end of the game. Time to check for a new high score and enter demo mode.
61651 LD HL,(65516) Collect the old high score from 65516
61654 LD DE,(32668) Collect the score from 32668
61658 SBC HL,DE Do we have a new high score?
61660 JR NC,61671 Jump if not
61662 LD (65516),DE Otherwise set the new high score
61666 JR 61671 Jump forward to enter demo mode
This entry point is used by the routine at 61600 and by the unused routine at 61612.
61668 CALL 56576 This startup routine prepares the bottom 4 lines of the screen just after the game has loaded
61671 XOR A A=0 (demo mode)
61672 JR 61676
This entry point is used by the routine at 31126 to start a new game.
61674 LD A,1 A=1 (new game)
61676 LD (65518),A Store the game mode (0 or 1) at 65518, from where it will be copied to 32750
61679 LD SP,23898 Reset the stack pointer
61682 NOP
61683 CALL 63662 Prepare for demo mode or a new game
61686 JP 61503 Enter the main loop
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