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31126: Collect a keypress during the game (or simulate one in demo mode)
Called from the main loop at 61483.
31126 LD A,(32750) A=current game mode (0-4)
31129 AND A Is it demo mode?
31130 JP NZ,60082 Jump if not
It's demo mode.
31133 CALL 60121 Collect the ASCII code of the last key pressed in A
31136 JP NZ,61674 Start a new game if a game key was pressed
31139 LD A,38 Message 38: 'PRESS A KEY TO PLAY'
31141 LD (32722),A Store this message number at 32722 so that it can be monitored
31144 CALL 30975 Is this message in the message queue?
31147 CALL NZ,28357 If not, add it to the message queue (again)
31150 LD A,248 Set bits 3-7 at 32746, effectively giving Sam the keys to all the houses
31152 LD (32746),A
31155 LD A,(58891) Pick up byte 11 of Sam's buffer (which holds his destination y-coordinate)
31158 AND A Has a destination been set for Sam yet?
31159 JR NZ,31188 Jump if so
We need to set a new destination for Sam.
31161 CALL 61823 Get an even random number between 134 and 148 in A
31164 AND 14
31166 ADD A,134
31168 LD L,A Point HL at an entry in the table of locations at 31110
31169 LD H,121
31171 LD E,(HL) Collect the location coordinates in DE
31172 INC L
31173 LD D,(HL)
31174 LD HL,58890 Copy the location coordinates into bytes 10 and 11 of Sam's buffer
31177 LD (HL),E
31178 INC L
31179 LD (HL),D
31180 LD C,1 Assume a z-coordinate of 1 (indoors)
31182 CALL 60743 Obtain an identifier for the location
31185 LD L,12 Copy the destination location identifier into byte 12 of Sam's buffer
31187 LD (HL),A
31188 LD H,230 230=Sam
31190 CALL 60812 Determine the next move Sam should make to reach his destination
31193 AND A Is Sam already at his destination?
31194 JR Z,31161 Jump back to set a new destination if so
Sam's destination has been set. Now to simulate a keypress that will make him take the next step towards it.
31196 ADD A,127 Point HL at the offset of the appropriate keypress to simulate in the table at 31104
31198 LD L,A
31199 LD H,121
31201 LD A,(HL) Pick up the keypress offset
31202 AND A Make sure the zero flag is reset to indicate that a simulated keypress was made (this instruction is redundant)
31203 RET
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