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49009: Location descriptors (x-coordinate 190)
Used by the routine at 60179. These descriptors correspond to locations between the stairwell and the first window to the left of the stairwell on each floor of the apartment building next to no. 19, and invoke the special location handler routine whose address is at 40982 when a character moves left at these locations. However, the handler routine does nothing special, and therefore these descriptors are redundant.
ld-190-13-4 ld-190-19-4 ld-190-25-4 ld-190-31-4
49009 DEFB 137,194,1 y=13, z=1; left, right (top floor)
49012 DEFB 143,194,1 y=19, z=1; left, right (third floor)
49015 DEFB 149,194,1 y=25, z=1; left, right (second floor)
49018 DEFB 155,194,1 y=31, z=1; left, right (first floor)
49021 DEFB 255 End marker
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