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48759: Location descriptors (x-coordinate 135)
Used by the routine at 60179.
The first descriptor corresponds to the staircase between the first and second floors of the police station.
48759 DEFB 50,20 y=29, z=1; up/right, down/right
The next descriptor corresponds to a location beside the entrance to the police station that is not accessible; it is therefore redundant.
48761 DEFB 118,68 y=31, z=2; right, down/right
The next two descriptors correspond to the front steps of the police station.
ld-135-32-2 ld-135-33-2
48763 DEFB 120,68 y=32, z=2; right, down/right
48765 DEFB 122,92 y=33, z=2; right, up/right, down/left, down/right
48767 DEFB 255 End marker
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