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F532: Set MR WACKER on his way to expel ERIC
Used by the routines at 73CB (when ERIC has 10000 or more lines) and FBCC (when ERIC has jumped out of the top-floor window).
F532 LD HL,$7F80 7F80 holds various game status flags
F535 BIT 1,(HL) Is MR WACKER already looking for ERIC (to expel him)?
F537 RET NZ Return if so
F538 SET 1,(HL) Signal: MR WACKER is looking for ERIC (to expel him)
F53A LD L,$E4 Set the MSB of the lesson clock at 7FE3 to 0xFF, so that the lesson will not end until ERIC's expelled
F53C LD (HL),$FF
F53E LD HL,$C81B Point HL at byte 0x1B of MR WACKER's buffer
F541 LD (HL),$30 Place the address of the command list at F530 (which contains the single routine address F55F) into bytes 0x1B and 0x1C of MR WACKER's buffer
F543 INC L
F544 LD (HL),$F5
F546 INC L Set bit 0 of byte 0x1D of MR WACKER's buffer, triggering a command list restart (at F530)
F547 SET 0,(HL)
F549 RET
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