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E975: Command list 0x4E: Open the door and the gate - ALBERT
Used by ALBERT when it's PLAYTIME.
E975 DEFW $6464 Go to...
E977 DEFB $5F,$11 ...the boys' skool door
E979 DEFW $717C Move the...
E97B DEFB $08,$01 ...boys' skool door (open it)
E97D DEFW $6464 Go to...
E97F DEFB $84,$11 ...the skool gate
E981 DEFW $717C Move the...
E983 DEFB $10,$01 ...skool gate (open it)
E985 DEFW $F460 Make the next command be the start of the command list
E987 DEFW $64D7 Go to a random location
E989 DEFW $F0B8 Restart the command list
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