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E145: Deal with ERIC when he's bending over, dropping a stinkbomb etc.
This routine is called by the routine at F7AD when bit 3 at 7FFB is set by the routine at E125, indicating that ERIC is bending over (to throw away the water pistol, release a mouse, or catch a mouse or the frog), dropping a stinkbomb, firing the water pistol, or moving forward as if to kiss.
E145 XOR A Reset all flags at 7FFB, indicating that ERIC has finished bending over, dropping a stinkbomb etc.
E146 LD ($7FFB),A
E149 LD HL,$1406 Set ERIC's main action timer at 7FF3 to 0x14 (the delay before ERIC completes this action), and the mid-action timer at 7FF2 to 0x06 (the delay after ERIC completes this action)
E14C LD ($7FF2),HL
This entry point is used by the routine at 5EAD (when bit 5 at 7FFB is set).
E14F LD HL,($7FD7) Collect in HL the routine address stored in 7FD7, and push it onto the stack ready for an indirect jump
E153 LD H,$D2 0xD2=ERIC
E155 RET Jump to the routine whose address is stored in 7FD7
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