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D33C: LSBs of addresses of ERIC-handling routines
Used by the routine at F7AD. The corresponding MSBs can be found at D43C.
D33C DEFB $8E LSB of F28E (used when bit 7 is set at 7FFB)
D33D DEFB $00 Unused (when bit 6 is set at 7FFB, ERIC is incapacitated)
D33E DEFB $AD LSB of 5EAD (used when bit 5 is set at 7FFB)
D33F DEFB $6F LSB of 5E6F (used when bit 4 is set at 7FFB)
D340 DEFB $45 LSB of E145 (used when bit 3 is set at 7FFB)
D341 DEFB $E2 LSB of F2E2 (used when bit 2 is set at 7FFB)
D342 DEFB $00 Unused (when bit 1 is set at 7FFB, ERIC's secondary status flags at 7FED are checked)
D343 DEFB $63 LSB of 5D63 (used when bit 0 is set at 7FFB)
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