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7118: Score 100 points and make the sound of a mouse being caught
Used by the routine at 7B55.
A 0x0A
7118 CALL $73B5 Add 100 to the score and print it
711B LD L,$03 Three squeaks
711D LD A,$04 Set the squeak sound effect parameters: A=0x04 (green border); B=0x1A (pitch); C=0x12 (alternating yellow border); D=0x06 (duration)
711F LD BC,$1A12
7122 LD D,$06
7124 CALL $748C Squeak once
7127 LD D,$3C Pause briefly
7129 DEC DE
712A LD A,D
712B OR E
712C JR NZ,$7129
712E DEC L Next squeak
712F JR NZ,$711D Jump back until all 3 squeaks have been done
7131 RET
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