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6FF2: Collect the identifier and coordinates of a blackboard that will be wiped
Used by the routine at 680F to collect information about the blackboard that is going to be wiped by a teacher. Returns with B holding the blackboard identifier (the LSB of 7F54, 7F5A, 7F60, 7F66 or 7F6C), and DE holding the coordinates of the top left-hand square of the board.
H Teacher's character number (0xC9-0xCC)
6FF2 LD A,$0C Change the instruction at 676C to ADD A,$0C (for the purpose of this routine, a teacher is considered to be standing next to a blackboard if he's within 12 spaces to the right of its left edge)
6FF4 LD ($676D),A
6FF7 CALL $6755 Collect information about the blackboard the teacher is standing next to
6FFA LD A,$04 Change the instruction at 676C back to ADD A,$04
6FFC LD ($676D),A
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