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63D2: Get the play area region identifier for a given location
Used by the routines at 6464, 64F3 and 7E7B. The value returned in A (corresponding to the location in DE) is as follows:
ID Region
0xBD Top floor, left of the left study door in the boys' skool
0xBE Middle floor, left of the far wall of the Science Lab storeroom
0xBF Anywhere on the bottom floor (or in mid-air!)
0xC0 Assembly hall stage
0xC1 Near the middle-floor window in the boys' skool
0xC2 Top floor, right of the left study door in the boys' skool
0xC3 Middle floor, girls' skool
0xC4 Top floor, girls' skool
Or if the entry point at 63D5 is used (for ERIC's location):
ID Region
0x00 None of the places below (ERIC is never allowed here)
0x01 Playground
0x02 Various places in the boys' skool outside classrooms
0x03 Assembly hall
0x04 Dining hall
0x05 Revision Library, outside the Yellow Room door
0x06 Science Lab
0x07 Blue Room
0x08 Yellow Room
The carry flag is set upon return to the caller of this routine if the coordinates in DE correspond to a location on a staircase.
D y-coordinate of the play area (3-17)
E x-coordinate of the play area (0-190)
63D2 CALL $6DA3 Divert back to the calling routine with A=0xC0 and the carry flag reset if the character is on the assembly hall stage; otherwise return here with B=0xB6 and C=0x3B
This entry point is used by the routine at 7D00 with ERIC's coordinates in DE, B=0xB9, and C=0x3B.
63D5 LD A,D A=y-coordinate
63D6 INC B Set B to 0xB7 (0xBA) if D<=0x06 (top floor), 0xB8 (0xBB) if 0x07<=D<=0x0D (middle floor), or 0xB9 (0xBC) if 0x0E<=D<=0x12 (bottom floor)
63D7 SUB $07
63D9 JR NC,$63D6
Now BC will be used to index one of the skool region tables that contain the location identifiers:
Address Region
B73C Top floor
B83C Middle floor
B93C Bottom floor
BA3C Top floor (ERIC)
BB3C Middle floor (ERIC)
BC3C Bottom floor (ERIC)
63DB CP $FC Does D=0x03, 0x0A or 0x11 (top, middle, bottom floor)?
63DD JR Z,$63E3 Jump if so
63DF SCF Signal: D does not correspond exactly to the top, middle or bottom floor
63E0 NOP
63E1 NOP
63E2 NOP
63E3 PUSH AF Save the carry flag temporarily
63E4 INC C Point BC at the appropriate entry in one of the region tables
63E5 LD A,(BC)
63E6 INC C
63E7 CP E
63E8 JR C,$63E4
63EA POP AF Restore the carry flag (reset if D=0x03, 0x0A or 0x11; set otherwise)
63EB LD A,(BC) A=region identifier (0xBD-0xC4 or 0x00-0x08; see the tables above)
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