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54A0: Set the input method, change the characters' names, and start the game
Continues from 53B1.
54A0 CALL $71E2 Wait for a keypress, and collect its ASCII code in A
54A3 JR Z,$54A0
54A5 OR $20 Convert the keypress to lower case
54A7 CP $63 Was 'c' (Cursor) pressed?
54A9 JR Z,$54C9 Jump if so
54AB CP $6E Was 'n' (None) pressed?
54AD JR Z,$54C9 Jump if so
54AF CP $6B Was 'k' (Kempston) pressed?
54B1 JR NZ,$54BA Jump if not
54B3 LD A,$01 Set 7FEC to 1: using Kempston
54B5 LD ($7FEC),A
54B8 JR $54C9
54BA CP $69 Was 'i' (Int2) pressed?
54BC JR NZ,$54A0 Jump back to wait for another keypress if not
54BE LD HL,$53F6 Copy the 10-byte table at 53F6 into the keypress offset table at E500 if Int2 is being used
54C1 LD DE,$E500
54C4 LD BC,$000A
The input method has been established. Now prepare the screen for the cast of characters.
54C9 LD HL,$B701 Draw a line (the catwalk) across the screen, and set byte 0x01 of each character's buffer (which holds the character's x-coordinate) to a number between 1 and 32 (so that they are off-screen: the column of the play area at the far left of the screen, stored at 7FFF, was set to 128 earlier on)
54CC LD DE,$4880
54CF LD B,$20
54D1 LD A,$FF
54D3 LD (HL),B
54D4 LD (DE),A
54D5 INC H
54D6 INC E
54D7 DJNZ $54D3
54D9 LD HL,$D202 Set byte 0x02 of ERIC's character buffer (which holds his y-coordinate) to 8; this will be the y-coordinate of the characters as they proceed along the catwalk
54DC LD (HL),$08
54DE LD A,$F8 Message 0xF8: 'THE CHARACTERS'
54E0 LD HL,$4040 Print this message
54E3 CALL $50BC
54E6 CALL $52A0 Display the main characters and let the user change their names
This entry point is used by the routine at 55A0.
54E9 LD HL,$50AA Do the POKEs specified by the table at 50AA
54EC CALL $53A0
54EF JP $F6D5 Start the game
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