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21664: Set the input method, change the characters' names, and start the game
Continues from 21425.
21664 CALL 29154 Wait for a keypress, and collect its ASCII code in A
21667 JR Z,21664
21669 OR 32 Convert the keypress to lower case
21671 CP 99 Was 'c' (Cursor) pressed?
21673 JR Z,21705 Jump if so
21675 CP 110 Was 'n' (None) pressed?
21677 JR Z,21705 Jump if so
21679 CP 107 Was 'k' (Kempston) pressed?
21681 JR NZ,21690 Jump if not
21683 LD A,1 Set 32748 to 1: using Kempston
21685 LD (32748),A
21688 JR 21705
21690 CP 105 Was 'i' (Int2) pressed?
21692 JR NZ,21664 Jump back to wait for another keypress if not
21694 LD HL,21494 Copy the 10-byte table at 21494 into the keypress offset table at 58624 if Int2 is being used
21697 LD DE,58624
21700 LD BC,10
21703 LDIR
The input method has been established. Now prepare the screen for the cast of characters.
21705 LD HL,46849 Draw a line (the catwalk) across the screen, and set byte 1 of each character's buffer (which holds the character's x-coordinate) to a number between 1 and 32 (so that they are off-screen: the column of the play area at the far left of the screen, stored at 32767, was set to 128 earlier on)
21708 LD DE,18560
21711 LD B,32
21713 LD A,255
21715 LD (HL),B
21716 LD (DE),A
21717 INC H
21718 INC E
21719 DJNZ 21715
21721 LD HL,53762 Set byte 2 of ERIC's character buffer (which holds his y-coordinate) to 8; this will be the y-coordinate of the characters as they proceed along the catwalk
21724 LD (HL),8
21726 LD A,248 Message 248: 'THE CHARACTERS'
21728 LD HL,16448 Print this message
21731 CALL 20668
21734 CALL 21152 Display the main characters and let the user change their names
This entry point is used by the routine at 21920.
21737 LD HL,20650 Do the POKEs specified by the table at 20650
21740 CALL 21408
21743 JP 63189 Start the game
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