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62094: Deal with ERIC when he's been knocked over
Used by the routine at 63405 when bit 7 at 32763 is set (by the routine at 29896). Note that the routine at 26175 also sets bit 7 at 32763 when someone sits in the seat occupied by ERIC, but in that case this routine is not called because bit 2 at 32763 is still set (indicating that ERIC is sitting) and takes precedence; this is a bug.
62094 LD HL,32733 32733 holds ERIC's knockout delay counter
62097 LD A,(HL) Is this the first time this routine's been called since ERIC was downed?
62098 AND A
62099 JR Z,62112 Jump if so
62101 DEC (HL) Otherwise wait a while before enabling ERIC to stand up again
62102 RET NZ
62103 LD L,243 HL=32755 (ERIC's main action timer)
62105 LD (HL),1 Set this to 1 so that the keyboard is checked on the next pass through the main loop
62107 LD L,251 HL=32763 (ERIC's status flags)
62109 LD (HL),4 Set bit 2: ERIC is sitting or lying down; the routine at 62178 handles ERIC from this point
62111 RET
ERIC has just been hit. Determine the manner of his descent to the floor.
62112 LD (HL),40 Initialise ERIC's knockout delay counter at 32733 to 40
62114 LD H,210 210=ERIC
62116 CALL 25012 Update the SRB for ERIC's current animatory state and location
62119 PUSH DE Save ERIC's coordinates briefly
62120 PUSH AF Save ERIC's current animatory state briefly
62121 CP 4 4: Was ERIC sitting on a chair?
62123 JR NZ,62134 Jump if not
62125 CALL 32000 Get the identifier of ERIC's location
62128 LD B,5 5: ERIC sitting on the floor
62130 CP 6 Is ERIC in a classroom in the boys' skool (A=6, 7 or 8)?
62132 JR NC,62136 Jump if so
62134 LD B,6 6: ERIC lying on his back
62136 POP AF Restore ERIC's current animatory state to A
62137 POP DE Restore ERIC's coordinates to DE
62138 AND 128 Keep only the 'direction' bit (bit 7) of ERIC's current animatory state
62140 ADD A,B A=ERIC's new animatory state (sitting on the floor or lying on his back)
62141 CALL 24880 Update ERIC's animatory state and update the SRB
62144 CALL 25248 Update the display
Now to initialise the sound effect parameters.
62147 LD HL,275 H=1 (pitch adjustment), L=19 (border colour XOR mask)
This entry point is used by the routine at 23907 with H=2 and L=22.
62150 LD DE,0 D=0 (duration), E=0 (initial pitch)
62153 LD A,2 A=2 (initial border colour)
This entry point is used by the routines at 62178 (with H=255, L=23, D=255, E=255) and 63861 (with H=248, L=18, D=128, E=0, A=4).
62155 XOR L Make a sound effect
62156 OUT (254),A
62158 LD B,E
62159 DJNZ 62159
62161 LD B,A
62162 LD A,E
62163 ADD A,H
62164 LD E,A
62165 LD A,B
62166 DEC D
62167 JR NZ,62155
This entry point is used by the routine at 24477.
62169 EI Re-enable interrupts
62170 LD A,1 Reset the border colour to blue
62172 OUT (254),A
62174 RET
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