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61555: Restart the command list or make a teacher tell the kids to sit down
Used by the teachers' command lists 22, 24, 58, 60 and 62. Restarts the teacher's command list if it's not time to start the class yet; otherwise makes the teacher tell the kids to sit down.
H Teacher's character number (201-204)
61555 LD A,(32740) Collect the MSB of the lesson clock (which starts at 16)
61558 CP 12 Is it time to tell the kids to sit down yet?
61560 JR C,61568 Jump if so
61562 LD L,29 Otherwise signal that the command list is to be restarted
61564 SET 0,(HL)
61566 JR 61591
61568 CALL 25213 Collect the event indicator for the start of the lesson (8, 9, 10, 11 or 12) from the command list
61571 LD C,A Save the event indicator in C briefly
61572 CALL 31887 Has the lesson already started?
61575 JR NZ,61591 Jump if so (the teacher must have just returned to the classroom doorway after hunting down the truant ERIC)
61577 LD A,C Restore the event indicator to A, and signal that the lesson has started
61578 CALL 31896
61581 LD A,H A=teacher's character number
61582 SUB 109 E=92, 93, 94 or 95 (appropriate SIT DOWN message for this teacher)
61584 LD E,A
61585 LD BC,27144 Redirect control to the routine at 27144 (make character speak) and then return to 61591 (below)
61588 CALL 25503
61591 JP 25484 Move to the next command in the command list
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