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32433: Print the lesson and ring the bell
Used by the routine at 63309. Prints the lesson or 'DEMO.MODE' in the lesson box, and makes the bell sound effect.
32433 LD HL,32734 32734 holds the current game mode
32436 LD A,(HL) A=255 if we're in demo mode, 0 otherwise
32437 INC A Set the zero flag if we're in demo mode
32438 LD A,63 Message 63: DEMO.MODE
32440 JR Z,32478 Jump if we're in demo mode
A real game is in progress. First, figure out what to print in the bottom row of the lesson box (the room name, 'LIBRARY', 'PLAYTIME', 'ASSEMBLY' or 'DINNER').
32442 LD L,224 HL=32736 (lesson descriptor)
32444 LD A,(HL) Pick this up in A
32445 AND 15 Keep only the room identifier bits
32447 LD E,32 32 is the ASCII code for SPACE
32449 ADD A,126 D=message number for the text to go on the bottom row of the lesson box
32451 LD D,A
32452 CP 131 Is it PLAYTIME (128), ASSEMBLY (129) or DINNER (130)?
32454 JR C,32470 Jump if so
32456 LD E,135 Message 135: REVISION
32458 JR Z,32470 Jump if it's REVISION LIBRARY (D=131: LIBRARY)
Next, figure out what to print (if anything) in the top row of the lesson box (the teacher's name, or 'REVISION').
32460 LD A,(HL) A=lesson descriptor
32461 AND 240 Keep only the teacher-identifying bits and push them into bits 0-3
32463 RLCA
32464 RLCA
32465 RLCA
32466 RLCA
32467 ADD A,20 E=22, 23 or 24 (teacher's name)
32469 LD E,A
Now we can construct message 16 (teacher/room) ready for printing.
32470 LD L,136 Place the teacher message number (or ASCII code for SPACE) in 32648
32472 LD (HL),E
32473 LD L,138 Place the room message number in 32650
32475 LD (HL),D
32476 LD A,16 Message 16: teacher/room
This entry point is used by the routine at 23907.
32478 LD DE,23216 DE=base display file address for the lesson box
32481 LD C,87 INK 7: PAPER 2: BRIGHT 1
32483 CALL 27462 Print the lesson
And finally, ring the bell.
32486 LD BC,32784 Set the parameters for the bell sound effect
32489 LD D,C
32490 LD A,1
32492 JP 29836 Ring the bell
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