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31844: Print an inventory item
Used by the routine at 31746. Prints the safe key, Science Lab storeroom key, frog, left or right half of the water pistol, or stinkbombs in one of the inventory slots.
A Attribute byte
BC UDG address
DE Display file address
31844 LD D,90 Set the attribute byte
31846 LD (DE),A
31847 LD D,80 Point DE back at the display file
31849 LD A,(BC) Copy the UDG onto the screen
31850 INC C
31851 LD (DE),A
31852 INC D
31853 BIT 3,D
31855 JR Z,31849
31857 LD C,232 Reset C
31859 INC E Move DE to the next slot in the on-screen inventory
31860 RET
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