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29178: Get the keypress offset of the last key pressed
Used by the routines at 29278, 29462, 62483 and 64316. Returns with the zero flag set if no game keys were pressed. Otherwise returns with A holding the value from the keypress offset table corresponding to the last key pressed. This offset (an even number from 80 to 120) points at an entry in the keypress address table at 58704. Each entry in that table is the address of the routine for handling a keypress.
29178 CALL 29118 Collect the ASCII code of the last key pressed in A
29181 RET Z Return if no key was pressed
29182 SUB 48 We're only interested in keys with codes 48 onwards
29184 JR C,29176 Jump if none of these was pressed
29186 LD L,A Point HL at the relevant entry in the keypress offset table at 58624
29187 LD H,229
29189 LD A,(HL) Pick up the offset from that table
29190 AND A Set the zero flag if the offset is 0 (i.e. not a game key)
29191 RET
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